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037: Scott Mulvaney Part II: On Podcasting and Gender Marketing Styles

As mentioned in my previous episode, we’re changing things up on the podcast and bringing you all in for the journey. Thus, we’ve split this particular episode into two parts. Part I (Episode 36) had addressed Scott’s corporate background and how he transitioned into an elite branch of firefighting known as the Hotshots. Coincidentally enough, a movie based on the Hotshots just came out in theaters in September and Scott mentioned knowing about 17 of the 19 who’ve sacrificed their lives in order to be of service to others.

In this episode we continue our conversation on podcasting and gender marketing styles. Please note, these are just generalizations and of course there are exceptions. We dive into the topic of vulnerability to connect to your audience—who you’re meant to serve and who are meant to learn from you.

This is Part II of my conversation with Scott Mulvaney. If you haven’t listened to Part I, you could listen to it here.

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, this weekend, Sunday I’m proud to present at a workshop in partnership with PHLBloggers. (Details are below under Resources and Events Page.)


Who is Scott?

Scott Mulvaney has a philosophy to help others live The Fired Up Epic Life! He launched the LIVE THE FUEL Podcast in 2016 to help FUEL your health, business and lifestyle. Through years spent in sales, marketing, operations, and management he’s here to help you control how you exist in the online marketplace.

Scott Mulvaney acquired 20+ years of conquering professional roles in sales, marketing, coaching, training, leadership development, and the fitness space. His fitness niche has spanned 15 of those 20+ years. He is a “Scott of All Trade’s” with an adrenaline junkie, athletic, yet techy passion for self-development and lifestyle transformation.

Scott embodies the limitless energy necessary for success. This is fueled by his years in the health and fitness coaching space. His lifestyle freedom passions include balancing life with CrossFit, skiing, cycling, skydiving, and travel. Scott balances professional pursuits with philanthropic activities, having served as board member and investing countless volunteerism hours with multiple 501(c)(3) organizations. Scott’s diverse background includes having served in public service as a Hotshot Wildland Firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service as well.


Quotes from Scott 

You have to put in the reps. Those mistakes, those failures—that’s what teaches you the most… If you don’t start taking action, or putting in the work, or go get that job, in a couple different roles that may potentially be how you want to run your company, you don’t know and you’ve never made the mistakes in that position. So how are you supposed to learn from that and use that in the future to grow your own business? (4:32)

The one thing I learned really fast when we got assigned our first was ‘holy crap, here’s reality.’ They talk about it, they have you study it, they have you memorize it, but it’s a whole different world until you get out into that fire line. That goes for business. You think you’re prepared for everything until you turn that website on, or you turn your podcast on, or you open the front door of your new studio… if you’re not willing to take action and take the risks, how are you supposed to learn? (5:25)

You’ve gotta stop with the comparison stuff. Us guys, we compare stuff too, but we also realize, ‘You know what? Forget you, I’m posting it, it’s either gonna work or it’s not, and if it doesn’t I’m gonna learn something from that.’ And trust me, there are definitely some ladies that embrace that and get it done. (24:27)

What You’ll Learn

  • Advice he got from a previous MAPCon event on how failures and mistakes are critical to learning valuable business lessons
  • Online and offline component to learning along with a visual, auditory or kinesthetic (VAK) approaches
  • How men’s web content may appear more confident and aggressive in style, whereas women’s content may appear more approachable and better able to elicit emotions from the audience
  • How both genders can better improve their approaches, and even show vulnerability through brand creation and marketing
  • How using a strengths survey like StrengthsFinder can help identify what your personal and professional strengths so you can amplify them and either outsource your weaknesses or find someone where your weaknesses are someone else’s strengths
  • How both men and women can benefit from vulnerability to connect with the right audience or tribe

Resources Mentioned and How to Connect:


Movie: Only the Brave

Events: Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Disconnect to Reconnect:
Create Authentic Conversations to Inspire Your Tribe to Action
Sunday, November 12, 2017, 1-4PM
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This workshop will encourage bloggers, creatives and content creators to better connect with their ideal audience and affect positive change. During the talk, I will cover:

  • How to digital detox to connect with your yourself
  • The vulnerability factor
  • Offline and online strategies for a stronger, authentic connection
  • Calls to action

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