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035: Kelly Roach on Life Design Strategy and Unstoppable Success

This week I’m excited to share my conversation with Kelly Roach, who will give us some great takeaways for lifestyle design, business strategy and the mindset and traits one needs to have to achieve success in creating a well designed life.  

In some cases, that might mean creating a freedom based lifestyle via a business or other revenue generating vehicle or “muse,” whether it be part of your side hustle or full time gig. So for many of you, when it comes to creating a freedom based lifestyle, often there’s a huge learning curve for many new to the game or just learning the basics.

The challenges entrepreneurs face is time, money, and certain new skill sets and mindset shifts. It’s almost the same as learning a new to you sport. When you’re learning to play a sport for the first time, there’s a certain mechanics and hand eye coordination that goes on. 

About our next guest, first, she’s a fellow Pennsylvanian and fellow podcast host. Second, having been a former NFL cheerleader, she’s had to learn some disciplines which I find is totally applicable in business. I myself remember being a college student, for the varsity lacrosse team had to force myself to get up around 5 or 5:30am for 6:30am practice. While I hated getting up so early, the results of getting up to practice and put in all the hard work were that I did better in games. So how acquiring a new sport relates to entrepreneurship—especially those new or at the beginning of the journey—is you will learn new skills, test yourself, you will do things you don’t necessarily want to do and just get back up. It takes discipline, consistency and a certain amount of relentless focus.

Another thing I like about Kelly is the fact that she’s a mom and like every other parent is juggling many things, and so there’s a lot that we can learn in terms of creating success for yourself within the context of family life and how she created that “simply designed” or well designed life for her by making sure that her family came first and foremost and she was able to build her business around it, so a family based business. Part business coach, part family woman, great giver, and a whole lot of energy, let’s get into this conversation.

Who is Kelly?

Kelly Roach is the host of the top rated podcast Unstoppable Success Radio, an International best-selling author, and the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching.

As a former NFL Cheerleader and Fortune 500 Executive where she was promoted 7 times in 8 years, Kelly brings a powerful combination of proven and profitable business growth strategies coupled with the mindset, wellness and productivity practices required to help entrepreneurs build a profitable business around a life they absolutely love. Kelly’s passion and purpose is in helping entrepreneurs around the world achieve exponential profit, sales and income growth.

Kelly is on a mission to help 1 million people become financially free through her RESULTS coaching but also founded Campaign For Humanity, a charity initiative to support our global family with things such as clean drinking water, help for veterans, and food for those in need. 

Quotes from Kelly 

I wanted to kind of be the orchestrator, or be the designer of my own life and lifestyle and I knew that I couldn’t expect someone else’s dream in a company to do that for me. I needed to go out and take ownership and accountability for that and create that for myself. (5:29)

Freedom is not so free. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to actually build a freedom based business. Essentially there’s a lot of sacrifice on the front end and there’s a lot of heavy lifting in those first 3-5 years. (6:49)

You really have to have a huge passion for the long term vision of your life. You have to be able to see beyond where you are today to where you’re going and wake up every morning and keep putting one foot in front of the other because you have to be able to push through those beginning stages to make it to the other side of the rainbow to actually start to enjoy those things. (7:21)

The number one thing that’s gonna make you or break you as an entrepreneur is discipline. It’s discipline to do what you don’t feel like doing because it’s the right thing that needs to get done. (10:42)

My whole goal with my business is to have an exceptional, extraordinary life with my husband Billy and my daughter Madison. So success to me is that. It’s also having what’s in my heart of hearts and what’s in my soul on the inside reflect what I’m doing on the outside. (9:40)

What You’ll Learn

  • What it takes to create a freedom based business and the importance of long term vision while taking daily imperfect action
  • The importance of mastering sales and marketing, while also keeping a pulse on financials
  • The role of discipline to get the work done consistently over a long period of time while also developing a self awareness and the willingness to invest in yourself so you could be the person you need to be to achieve success

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