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038: Lisa Kimrey on Wellness, Faith and Being You

With the holiday season coming up, many of us are feeling the time crunch of obligations from work, family or other things on our “to do” lists. With so much going on, self-care is at the bottom of that list.

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Moving on to our podcast, we at Simply Designed Life podcast are all about simplifying life in order to make room for the things that really matter, and so what I really love about this guest is how she was able to take her background as a nurse in the health care and medical management industry and translate it to an online business so she could be home with her family.

What I also loved is her emphasis in finding your own uniqueness. With social media overwhelm, texting, emails, and other distractions, it’s very easy to sink into this game of comparisonitis instead of recognizing and acknowledging your own uniqueness.

Who is Lisa?

Lisa Kimrey, is a registered nurse with a focus on self-care. She has helped dozens of people successfully redesign their self-care plans to meet their goals. She has also helped clients integrate healthy choices into their lives and manage their chronic diseases. She blogs at, is a wife and a mom of two (a 23-year old and a 10-year old) and a pet owner of one cute puppy.

Quotes from Lisa

I love that everyday is different, even the challenges, that would be technology. I’m not a technical person, but looking back to where I was when I first started to now, I’ve learned so much and I’m really proud of the fact that I’m essentially working by myself and meeting all these barriers to technology and figuring out through connections online how to bust through them and get to the next goal. (4:26)

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, not just their journey, not just their skills and expertise, but just their goals. My goals are different to everyone else’s. And once I stopped looking around me and just started focusing on what I want to accomplish I have done so much better and I am best when I’m just me. (5:31)

My success to me is not again the metrics. It is changing other people’s lives so that they can become successful and that is what brings me joy. (10:46)

What You’ll Learn

  • How she was able to successfully transition from medical management to wellness coaching
  • How being yourself will allow you to carve your own path and your own niche
  • Her commitment to healthcare and self-care for total wellness

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