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023: Lisa Tanner on How to Balance Diapers and Deadlines

How do you balance a freelance writing career with the demands of raising and homeschooling eight kids? That’s what I wanted to know when I spoke with Lisa Tanner who owns and operates Lisa Tanner Writing. Her kids range from 18-months old (at time of interview) to 15 years of age. I’m surprised at how this super busy lady had time for this interview at all—but we made it short and sweet so she could get back to it! Having the patience and a sense of clarity on purpose has enabled her to design a life that works for her and her large family which should be #SuperInspiring.

Who is Lisa?

Lisa Tanner loves finding order in chaos. As a homeschooling mom to eights kids and a homesteader with a couple of milk cows, she’s well versed in the art of balancing diapers and deadlines. She enjoys helping other moms tame the crazy and find ways to grow their businesses while raising a family. 

Quotes from Lisa

There really is room for your voice in the market. You’re important and you have something worthwhile to share. So believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will believe in you. (3:39) 

As long as I’m consistently doing my best and taking baby steps to progress, I’m happy with that. And I think to succeed you really need to be consistent, even when times are tough. Just keep going and make it through those cycles where maybe your business may not be doing so well. Just keep pushing through and keep doing something and that will help it grow in the end. (4:04) 

Then you have to have patience because it takes time. There are some overnight successes I’m sure, but for most of us, we actually have to keep doing what we’re doing day in and day out, year after year. (4:49)

What You’ll Learn

  • How Lisa started blogging on the side for two years before turning her hobby into a business
  • How she overcame challenges of the “imposter syndrome” as she transitioned from education to freelance writing and virtual assistance 
  • How everything is still a “work in progress,” yet she still manages to challenge and push herself out of her comfort zone despite the daily demands of raising and homeschooling a large family

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