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022: Bridget Nolan Manley on Creating Space for Judgment Free Parenting

Parenting is no easy feat and kids don’t come with a guidebook when they’re first born. There is obviously no “one-size-fits-all” as everyone grows up in a household with different values, parenting styles and the like. With all the overwhelming parenting advice out there, there’s definitely a need for a judgment free space—and Bridget Nolan Manley created the perfect outlet just for that particular purpose. What I love about Bridget’s approach is her view on how it takes a village via both online and offline methods for any kind of authentic connection. I also love her candor and rawness in revealing what collectively goes through most parents’ minds that get rarely addressed in the everyday. 

Listen to how her podcast came to be and the many things she learned from parents of all walks of life who shared their stories with her.

Who is Bridget?

Bridget Nolan Manley is the host of Birds In A Tree, a podcast about parenting featuring the good, the bad, the hard and the glorious. Through each story, she hopes that listeners will find the bond and similarities that parents can share. This married mama of two kids grew up rural Appalacia and lives in Garrett County, MD.

Quotes from Bridget

The village is what you put out is what you’re gonna get back. (15:44)

I read this great piece just this weekend and it was about what successful people do that other people aren’t doing. And of the points that resonated with me (and I was a reporter and news was a big deal to me, even when I was working from home I was able to keep the news in the background) … going back to this article, it compared time to a pie. And there’s only so much pie. And successful people don’t have more time than you, but nobody ever says… ‘I’m gonna learn to play the saxophone and spend less time with my kids.’ (18:03)

What the power lies in is listening to someone’s story. (20:50)

What You’ll Learn

  • How Bridget made the transition from traditional radio to podcasting
  • Her inspiration for starting this podcast arose from the challenges and concerns within the parenting space
  • How her love of interviewing and connecting with other parents helped grow her audience

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Resource Mentioned: Be the Change Video

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