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018: Ilana Levine on Hollywood, Creativity and Good Karma

Have you seen the 2008 movie Yes Man starring Jim Carey who challenges himself to say ‘yes” to everything for an entire year? That movie comes to mind when I think of my latest conversation with actress, voice over artist and fellow podcaster Ilana Levine. Although her case wasn’t as dramatic as Carey’s, one of the things I loved was how open she was to all the possibilities that presented themselves. I think sometimes within the context of busy work and life schedules, there’s this tendency stay on top of our “to do” lists that we forget to also stay present and be open to those serendipitous moments. She had this credo for saying “yes” to whatever came her way (within good reason of course), which then led to some pretty cool opportunities in her business and life! As the summer season opens with plans for travel and all, I hope this inspires a sense of openness and self-discovery in your own journeys.  

Who is Ilana?

As an actress, Ilana Levine has performed on stage and screen to critical acclaim. She has produced films and plays. She is a wife, daughter, mother and activist. On Broadway, Ilana is best known to musical theater fans for her comedic turn as “Lucy Van Pelt” in the Broadway revival of, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. Ilana also starred in the Broadway productions of Jake’s Women, Wrong Mountain and The Last Night Of Ballyhoo. She has performed on the Tony Awards.

As a voice over artist she has done commercials and audio books. She resides in Brooklyn with her husband, actor Dominic Fumusa, her two children, and their dog, Lola. In May of 2016, Levine joined the podcast universe when she began hosting Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine.

Quotes from Ilana

On the Hollywood guests she interviews:
For most of them, their self-worth wasn’t completely tied up in their careers. They were constantly growing as humans. And the other thing I think, and I don’t mean to sound hippy dippy about it but I think it’s really true now more than ever, people who volunteer, people who spend their time doing things for others in big and small ways truly are the happiest people. (10:45)

On being open:
I work very hard at listening, you never know where the idea is going to come from, and it can come from a very unlikely source. So just be open. Work hard, be open, and don’t lose your sense of humor. That’s the hugest thing. (18:30)

On defining success:
I think for me, a life where creativity, love and being of service are all in play. (22:56)

What You’ll Learn

  • How she manages both the business and creative sides of her career

  • How she integrates family in her business

  • Her karmic view of treating everyone from all walks of life with kindness as an assistant one day may be the CEO the next

  • A beautiful, daily ritual she practices that was included in actress Molly Ringwald’s book and literally involves turning a new leaf

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