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036: Scott Mulvaney Part I: From Corporate Sales to Hotshot Firefighting

I had met Scott Mulvaney at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference in the Philadelphia area where he spoke about embracing change. What I like about this next episode in particular is hearing not only his transition from corporate sales to public service, but hearing about his own personal transformation and who he became in the process.

In my commitment to changing things up on the podcast and bringing you all in for the journey, we’re splitting this particular episode into two parts. Part I addresses Scott’s background and how he got into an elite branch of firefighting known as the Hotshots. Coincidentally enough, a movie based on the Hotshots just came out in theaters in September and Scott mentioned knowing about 17 of the 19 who’ve sacrificed their lives in order to be of service to others.

Part II will discuss podcasting and the differences in gender styles when it comes to marketing. Please note, these are just generalizations and of course there are exceptions. And we dive into the topic of vulnerability in connection to marketing and being vulnerable to your audience, who you’re meant to serve and who are meant to learn from you.

Actually, this weekend, Sunday in fact I’m proud to present at a workshop in partnership with PHLBloggers in Philadelphia, PA. (Details are below under Resources and Events Page.)


Who is Scott?

Scott Mulvaney has a philosophy to help others live The Fired Up Epic Life! He launched the LIVE THE FUEL Podcast in 2016 to help FUEL your health, business and lifestyle. Through years spent in sales, marketing, operations, and management he’s here to help you control how you exist in the online marketplace.

Scott Mulvaney acquired 20+ years of conquering professional roles in sales, marketing, coaching, training, leadership development, and the fitness space. His fitness niche has spanned 15 of those 20+ years. He is a “Scott of All Trade’s” with an adrenaline junkie, athletic, yet techy passion for self-development and lifestyle transformation.

Scott embodies the limitless energy necessary for success. This is fueled by his years in the health and fitness coaching space. His lifestyle freedom passions include balancing life with CrossFit, skiing, cycling, skydiving, and travel. Scott balances professional pursuits with philanthropic activities, having served as board member and investing countless volunteerism hours with multiple 501(c)(3) organizations. Scott’s diverse background includes having served in public service as a Hotshot Wildland Firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service as well.


Quotes from Scott 

I negotiated my own dismissal from my job because I hated it…I was selling retirement plans and stuff like that for ADP and I was the second top salesperson. My boss said,’You want to leave? You’re kicking ass, you’ve only been here a year.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but I hate it.’ So I was like, ‘My degree is about to be done and I’ve got this thing, so I need some time freedom.’  (12:06)

I was already hired, whether they liked it or not, I was there, man. Like I’m becoming one of their brothers. In the beginning of that rookie yearI’m also considered ‘the old guy,’ that’s the best part, I’m 31 and I’m like ‘really dude?’ (16:40) 

Here’s the crossover that I’m kind of hinting at. I’ve met some driven Millennials. And the one thing they all end up getting is that they know that they can do more. They don’t have blinders on. Whereas, a lot of us in the Gen X World have blinders on. (23:48)

Nowadays when I look at the Millennial generation, I love it. There’s a lot of drive, there’s a lot of passion. They hear and they see thanks to social media that there are people out there getting it done and finding a way to do things outside the box, launch online businesses, launch online successful shopping carts, websites, blogs, podcasts, whatever. (24:50)

Have the psychology, have the drive, have the mindset, that you know that you’re capable of more, and that you are looking for coaching and mentorship along the way, that’s the other secret of that generation. They get it. (25:29)


What You’ll Learn

  • Scott’s life and entrepreneurial journey: from humble beginnings on a Pennsylvania farm to climbing corporate ladders to becoming an elite Hotshot firefighter
  • His commitment to personal development listening to educational podcasts on long road trips
  • How a lesson in humility had helped him earn the respect of his Hotshot firefighting team as a rookie
  • Observations on the gap between Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials

Resources Mentioned and How to Connect:


Movie: Only the Brave

Events: Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Disconnect to Reconnect:
Create Authentic Conversations to Inspire Your Tribe to Action
Sunday, November 12, 2017, 1-4PM
Purchase tickets at 

This workshop will encourage bloggers, creatives and content creators to better connect with their ideal audience and affect positive change. During the talk, I will cover:

  • How to digital detox to connect with your yourself
  • The vulnerability factor
  • Offline and online strategies for a stronger, authentic connection
  • Calls to action

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