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One Simple Feng Shui Tip To Help Increase Abundance

Tired of having a messy desk? Feel like you could be making more money but aren’t? According to feng shui principles, the reason could be that the wealth and prosperity area of your desk is cluttered, which could contribute to lost opportunities.

What is feng shui? Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is the Chinese art of arranging objects in the home (or building) to attract positive energy (or “chi”).

Basically your environment and surroundings affect aspects of your life, including things like your health and well being, finances and relationships.

When you don’t declutter regularly, stuff accumulates blocking the flow of energy coming in and out of a home or office. Clutter becomes distraction. It’s the dirty dishes in the sink, the pile of clothes that need to be washed, the papers from the kids’ school that are all visual reminders of what needs to get done. Not to mention your paper clutter which includes junk mail, receipts, invoices, business cards, misplaced files and other documents.

What is the bagua map? For those not familiar, the bagua map provides a visual representation of the areas of your life. The point is to get good flow in these areas. The focus for your desk is the wealth and prosperity area which is found on the upper left hand corner from where you sit.

1. Clear your desk. Use file folders and office supply organizers to keep the area tidy. Remember, clutter drains energy, the tidier you keep that space the better.

2. Attract abundance. After you’ve decluttered the area, place an object that represents wealth and prosperity to you on the upper left corner of your desk.

Ideas include:

  • A plant like lucky bamboo or money tree
  • A beautiful vase with flowers
  • An attractive bowl with coin change
  • A clear jar with dollar bills. (You could label this with what you intend to spend money on, such Travel, Self-care or Charity from the law of reciprocity, the more you give the more you receive.)

As a bonus, you could rearrange your desk’s chair so it faces the door putting you in the command position. This will make you feel less stressed and in a position of empowerment to do your best work. If your office doesn’t allow you to rearrange your desk and you’re forced to face the wall, hang a mirror where you can see the door to the room.

With these tips, your desk area will have better flow and put you in a better position for potential prosperity.

What do you plan to put in the wealth + prosperity area of your desk? Tweet or Instagram @LoriRochino.

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