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027: Megan Hale and the Enoughness Revolution

Who is Megan?

Megan Hale is a retired psychotherapist and relationship coach who guides women and couples to transformative love, authentic self-expression, and soul shifting freedom built on truth, courage, and integrity.

She’s the podcast host of The Enoughness Revolution, a conversation on creating joy in life, work, and love, and the creator of Wild and Holy Weekend, a biannual transformative retreat for …

026: Britany Felix on Living Unconventionally

Who is Britany?

Britany Felix is a 30-something woman who wants to inspire you to live the life you truly want to livenot the one you’re conditioned to live. She wants to help you find your freedom! In the Spring of 2016, she and her husband quit the highest paying jobs they’d ever had, sold almost everything they owned (including their home), and …

025: Katie Galmiche-Hooper on Podcasting and Parenting in the City

Who is Katie GH?

Katie is a recent graduate from Northeastern Illinois University, with a degree in Secondary Education and English, and is currently a stay-at-home mom while she tries to land a teaching gig. After having her first baby in May of 2016, she started the New Parent Podcast as a way to give voice to the big, messy, and beautiful transition that happens

024: Cassie Parks on Lifestyle Design and Money Mindset

The idea of lifestyle design may seem great in theory, but how do you go about achieving your ideal life from where you are right now? A lot of it comes down to clarity, and not just in the generic sense like, I want to be more happy or I want to have more freedom—although these things are equally important.

That’s why I’m super …

023: Lisa Tanner on How to Balance Diapers and Deadlines

How do you balance a freelance writing career with the demands of raising and homeschooling eight kids? That’s what I wanted to know when I spoke with Lisa Tanner who owns and operates Lisa Tanner Writing. Her kids range from 18-months old (at time of interview) to 15 years of age. I’m surprised at how this super busy lady had time for this interview at …

022: Bridget Nolan Manley on Creating Space for Judgment Free Parenting

Parenting is no easy feat and kids don’t come with a guidebook when they’re first born. There is obviously no “one-size-fits-all” as everyone grows up in a household with different values, parenting styles and the like. With all the overwhelming parenting advice out there, there’s definitely a need for a judgment free space—and Bridget Nolan Manley created the perfect outlet just for that particular purpose. …

021: Ali Willoughby on How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

The beauty of being a business owner is that you can set the rules and choose who you want to work with—you’re the boss after all. You also have the advantage of being able to bring your unique personality into your business, which is what Ali Willoughby did. Knowing your strengths is so important so you’ll know how to attract the ideal clients who’ll love …

019: Melissa Ricker on Mindset, Mantras and Motherhood Engineered

Leaving a cushy situation isn’t always easy, but having self-awareness, doing the soul searching and creating a logical break-down of steps in the right direction can certainly help in the process.

This week, I’m happy to introduce Melissa Ricker of Engineered Motherhood. Melissa found the constraints of her well-paying job challenging on the limited time she had with her young son—and thus she engineered a lifestyle …

018: Ilana Levine on Hollywood, Creativity and Good Karma

Have you seen the 2008 movie Yes Man starring Jim Carey who challenges himself to say ‘yes” to everything for an entire year? That movie comes to mind when I think of my latest conversation with actress, voice over artist and fellow podcaster Ilana Levine. Although her case wasn’t as dramatic as Carey’s, one of the things I loved was how open she was to all