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012: Chelann Gienger on Leading the Entrepreneur Before 25 Movement

Do you ever think to yourself, “I’m too old” or “too young” to write that book / run that marathon / start that business / insert life goal here? In this episode, Chelann Gienger shares her entrepreneurial journey, which started at just 15-years old.

She’s living proof you could never be too young (or old) to do what it is you really want to do in life. …

011: Julie Zuzek and the Inner Game of Business

Do you want to know what it feels like to leap into the unknown without a safety net? Many feel quitting a day job to start a business is nothing more than a pipe dream. And it can be because it is a lot of work. But if you’re smart about it, and can tune within and out, there’s a pretty good chance you can …

010: Jennifer Ghymn on Writing and the Interculture Life

Let’s face it. The Internet has made it so easy to find just about anything you could ever want to learn about with a quick Google search. But what happens when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? That’s what happened with my recent guest, who was searching for Asian-American cultural information that she could identify with. As someone with a biracial background, she was …

009: Daree Allen Nieves on Personal Growth, Relationships and Seeing Progress as a Win

Have you ever felt stuck in your business or life? Do you sometimes wish you had a life coach or someone to help cheer you onto progress in your entrepreneurial or personal growth? I’m sure many women (and men) entrepreneurs have felt this way at one time or another at every stage of their business. Whether you’re just starting out, experiencing growth, or moving in a …

008: Teliah Gienger on Balancing Acts in Business and Life

Teliah is the owner of Renu Hot Yoga, NUYU Juice Bar, and the host of The Balancing Act Podcast, where she interviews women entrepreneurs on balancing personal and business life. Aside from those three, she coaches personal clients on developing healthy habits. She loves every joy, opportunity, challenge and growth moment that comes along with being an employer and working alongside her amazing husband, Kylon.

007: Laurie Davis on Finding Love Online


What can I say? Laurie Davis Edwards is amazing! I first met Laurie way back in the day, during the beginning of her entrepreneurship journey. It’s exciting to hear how she and her business evolved. Have a listen!

Who is Laurie?

Laurie Davis Edwards is the Founder and CEO of eFlirt, an online dating Concierge service. Her company has helped thousands of singles meet meaningful matches digitally, …

006: Kathy Peterman on How to Retire and Simplify Life

Want to hear how to retire early for a life of new adventures? Listen to Kathy Peterman speak about simplifying life, traveling and other experiments in lifestyle design.


Who is Kathy?

Kathy Peterman chose to retire early and begin the adventure of finding “herself.” After working full-time for more than 33 years first as a nurse and later managing several departments in healthcare, she started …

005: Genevieve Shingle Jaffe on How to Protect the Legal Side of Your Business With Sparkle


I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Genavieve Shingle Jaffe on the legal side of business. It’s not always the most exciting topic, but listening to her makes it seem way less intimidating, and actually, um fun :). Hear her take on the upside of taking care of your legal business assets.

Who is Genavieve?

Genavieve Shingle Jaffe is our very own sparkly lawyer who …

004: Karen Trepte on Figuring It All Out

Karen Trepte shares how to enjoy the journey for business, life and juggling it all! I’ve personally worked with Karen before and find her presence so calming. You may too if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t know where to start and need a breather. Hear from this world traveler, family woman, and more!

Who is Karen?

Karen Trepte is a Productivity Coach who helps entrepreneurs be more …

003: Tiffany Beverlin on Literally Following Your Dreams to Start Your Own Business

Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany Beverlin was born outside London and came to the U.S. after graduating from University. She then quickly married, and gave up her burgeoning career to stay home and raise three children. During her fifteenth year of marriage—and after a decade out of the workforce—Tiffany was forced to recycle her life. She was repeatedly told she was unemployable, due to such a …