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5 Ways to Keep Small Spaces Clear and Decluttered

I remember when I used to live in the city how small the spaces were. Keeping things clear and tidy was a big challenge. I also had to make sure that if I brought something into the space, something would come out – otherwise the apartment would look like an episode of Hoarders with all the brown cardboard boxes and junk lining up the walls. …

7 Benefits of 80/20 Decluttering

Everyday we’re distracted by technology and the bright shiny objects that cause us to lose our focus. Having an 80/20 mindset can help simplify everyday life immensely.

What is the 80/20 Rule or Pareto Principle? Well, think about it this way. Some things in life aren’t meant to be measured equally. Based on the teachings of Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, the 80/20 Rule teaches …

Holiday Recap: How We Keep Sane and Zen-Organized

While every holiday season is an absolute reason to celebrate, it doesn’t come without some stress. It’s a very busy time with work, family obligations, travel and keeping one’s awareness in check with what’s going on in the news. Not to mention it feeling like crunch time because it’s the end of the year and you just want to get everything done.

You want to

4 Simple Morning Practices to Kickstart Your Day

I can’t say I have a perfect morning routine. But I do feel more “together” if I do the following morning practices.

1. Decide your MIT’s the night before or first thing in the morning.

I first heard of MITs (Most Important Things) from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

Granted, there will always be a lot of things on my “to do” list, but …

A Zen Space: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Image: Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. Lori Rochino.
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Image: Lori Rochino.

If you were to look at my Instagram feed, you’ll notice my latest IG posts are Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and its surrounding foliage. It’s safe to say that if my husband and I were told by a genie in a bottle that we could have any house in the world (regardless of price or how realistic it …

How to Find What Sparks Joy In the Decluttering Process

sparks-joy-2-750 Most organization books focus on decluttering as a priority – and with good reason. Go to any typical North American home and you’ll notice we have such an overabundance of stuff. From old kitchen utensils to unused appliances and overstuffed drawers, there’s very good reason for space clearing.

While I always find doing a five-minute daily declutter necessary for keeping my sanity for a busy …

5 Tiny House Tips You Can Use For Your Living Space

Image: Stephen Corwin via
Image: Stephen Corwin via

People choose to live in a tiny house for a variety of reasons. One includes the ability to pay for a house in full as opposed to being tied down to a traditional, 30-year mortgage. Another reason is to downsize their current possessions and live more intentionally after frustrations with the current work and spend model. Some people want to …