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How to Declutter Your Life 80/20 Style

There are many demands on our time, which is a very precious resource that equals our life energy. There’s not only our “in real life” or “IRL” persona which includes work, family, and other obligations, but also our digital life, which includes social media, texts, cell phones and email. With all that’s going on, there’s certainly a perfect storm for information overload and overwhelm, and …

6 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick


The beginning of each year feels like a clean slate. It’s the chance to make improvements in your life by trying something different. It’s also a chance to cross off some of the items on your life bucket list. You make a new year’s resolution to lose weight, find a new job, get promoted in your current job, start a new business, travel to more …

5 Ways to Clear Your Head for Better Focus

lori-rochino-focus My preschooler’s secondhand iPad totally crashed the other day because there were over 10,000 videos and pictures of random things like the ice cream he ate, the people he hung out with—even the washing machine’s digital screen (for some reason he likes watching the red, LED-lit numbers descend).

Has your brain ever felt like that? You have so much going on in your work and …

Reflections on Last Year’s Big Conferences

conferences4 For the most part, conferences and events are GREAT and I love them. The opportunity to develop personally and professionally is just priceless. Sure you can participate in lots of Facebook groups, and they certainly have their place. Online though, you just can’t get the same vibe of a person or space in the same way you would in real life.

Last year I attended …

How to Be an Entrepreneur and Quickly Grow an Instagram Following

instagram-following I’m super excited to introduce you to Katie Harp! Katie is is a twenty-something, Seattle based, serial entrepreneur and web designer. She is the founder of Rebelsaurus, the mustache-toting, status-quo-breaking website that helps entrepreneurs make websites that are more fun than a camel on Hump Day.

Katie is on a mission to change the world through entrepreneurship and awesome ideas. She likes helping entrepreneurs bring …

How to Declutter Your Stuff and Make a Positive Impact

DTSP-declutter Tidying up may seem like a chore. Depending on how much you have to declutter, it could either be a walk in the park or take several rounds. What if decluttering was more than just getting organized? How would you perceive things if you knew that the stuff in your home you’re not using can actually help someone?

I am very excited to have Evan …

5 Ways Travel Will Make You a Better Person


With social media, anyone can document their adventures through YouTube videos and Instagram photos. I’ve probably “liked” enough photographs of journeys I would have liked to take myself. How tempting it is to be an armchair world traveler!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely inspiring and I thank those who’ve posted their adventures so I could live vicariously through them. But how does that make …

How to Be More Productive in the Information Age


You’d think with technology to assist us, living the daily grind and having work / life balance would be much easier to achieve. Often times, it’s not. With instant access to information 24/7, it may seem like you can’t just “turn it off” and being “on” is the only way to stay productive and on top of things.

I wonder if balance is just a …

Military Turned Mamapreneur Juggles Full-Time Business with Full-Time Life


The decision to leave a situation that no longer works isn’t always an easy one. It takes courage to take that leap of faith as opposed to staying in a comfortable situation, such as a job or relationship, that’s not congruent with one’s values or long-term vision.

We have to ask ourselves the big questions and decide what we value:

What do we REALLY want?