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Lori Rochino’s own struggle with overwhelm and information overload led her to the declutter coaching and productivity world where she aims to use the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) in almost everything she does. Her professional background is in marketing communications for financial services and startups. Her work has appeared in both national  and local outlets. She is the the author of Fifty Shades of Simple: How to Prioritize in the Age of Information Overload
She also is the host of Simply Designed Life Podcast, created to serve mostly entrepreneurial women who want to simplify their busy lives in order to make room for the things that really matter. The show includes inspiration, motivation and everyday tips to help us live according to our values and purpose so we can truly thrive and help others thrive as well. 
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Why Simplicity?

I’ve always been organized and somewhat OCD, but after five moves including melding lives with my husband, dog and eventually son, I wasn’t able to be as organized as I would have liked to be. I needed a simpler solution and was tired of having stuff just for the sake of having stuff. While I always thought I had simple habits, all the excess clutter accumulated over time proved that maybe I wasn’t living so simply.
So I joined the simplicity movement and went on a decluttering spree. But somewhere between paring down half my wardrobe and kitchenware, I realized there wasn’t just one way to simplify life. While I would have liked to keep things somewhat minimalist, I found it was difficult to do with a family. And quite honestly, I liked having my son’s artwork on the kitchen walls and a few blankets and pillows on the couch to cozy up to.

What simplicity looks like depends on what you value, how you live, and who you are.

I soon realized there are fifty shades of simple (or more depending on how you define simplicity.) I was never going to be hardcore simple to the point of austerity, but I also didn’t want to give in to mindless consumption either. There had to be an easier way to be simple in the modern world, simple within the confines of big box stores, and simple without having to work on a farm to produce your own dairy and livestock to live off the land.
I don’t care what simplifying means to you – whether it’s displaying Pottery Barn storage cubbies or raising your own chickens. This is a movement to live by design, not default.
I believe life can be simple, beautiful and fulfilling. I’m here to help you define what’s important – what brings you true, lasting joy – and then simplify your surroundings to focus on what really matters.

Because a well-designed life is a beautiful thing.

My goal these days is to streamline life after defining what’s important, focusing on what brings true joy and designing the space around it to make it work beautifully.
Whether that means simplifying your home, business, life, or mindset, I believe you can choose what a successful life means to you.

Decluttering helps open up space to focus on what truly matters to you so you can ultimately leave behind a legacy that’s in alignment with what you value.

In my case, I feel developing a somewhat minimalist mindset makes space for the freedom and impact I want to create in my everyday life.
I invite you to join me in simplifying your surroundings so you could focus on what really matters.
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