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040: Harry Duran Part I: On Abundance and Growth Outside the Comfort Zone

A Happy New Year to you! I hope you were able to reflect on your wins and lessons learned from the past year, as well as set intentions for growth in all areas of life for this coming year.

My conversation with Harry Duran is in two parts. The first part focuses on how cultivating an abundance mentality can help in one’s success journey. Sometimes that starts with investing in yourself and investing in others for personal growth, but without sounding too woo-woo, having that generosity of heart can also lead to more good things in the future. It also discusses how to experience growth outside one’s comfort zone.

I had met Harry at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference in the fall of last year, and am thrilled to share this conversation, especially in light of recent events. After hearing Oprah Winfrey’s empowering speech at the Golden Globes, I think there’s an opportunity and responsibility to speak our truths for what’s right on a global and local scale and create safe spaces for personal freedoms.

Without getting too deep, as that’s a separate conversation altogether, and you’ll find conversations on that all across the Internet, what I like about my chat with Harry is getting those courage muscles moving like you would at the gym. Because to get to the “new day that’s on the horizon” or in this case a new year as in new year’s resolutions, we need to take that first step and get out of our comfort zones as related to personal growth and development which in the end, is a service to the greater good. With that, let’s get into the first part of the conversation.

Who is Harry?

Harry Duran is Founder of FullCast, a full-service, done-for-you podcast production and marketing consultancy. He helps six-figure entrepreneurs amplify their authority and extend their reach through the power of podcasting.

As Host of the popular Podcast Junkies on iTunes for the past 3 years, Harry has had conversations with a wide array of interesting and engaging podcasters. Some of his most memorable guests have included Marc Maron, Executive Producer Brendan McDonald, Lea Thau, Host of Strangers, Helen Zaltzman, Host of The Allusionist, and Jordan Harbinger, Host of The Art of Charm, just to name a few.

Harry has given talks at podcasting conferences on the importance of finding your voice and the importance of long-term engagement with your podcast guests. Harry shares lessons learned from his first 25 interviews in his first book, Around the Podcast Campfire: Conversations with Engaging Podcasters.

As a consultant and coach, Harry empowers clients to augment their content marketing through the power of a podcast. As a speaker, Harry challenges leaders to understand the importance of finding their unique voice.

Quotes from Harry

I had this realization that I need to stop listening to other people and figure out what my voice is telling me to do. (4:45)

No podcaster likes their first episode, and their tenth is going to sound better than their first, and their fiftieth is gonna sound better than their tenth and so on and so on and you keep getting better. If you don’t start getting on that bicycle and start learning, and take those training wheels off as soon as possible, you’re just gonna be stuck and you’re not gonna be improving. And if you’re a real entrepreneur, you have to be super comfortable with failure, you know. And this idea of failing fast and failing forward as they say, you know you just get up you just dust yourself off. (8:03)

I think I heard someone say if you have a coach and they don’t have a coach then you need a new coach. (12:44)

I looked at my circle and I’m like ‘Who are the people who are building businesses?’ And I really didn’t know a lot of people, and I’m like ‘I need to find out who these people are and invest in myself,’ and I just continued to have that mindset on a regular basis. (17:37)

What You’ll Learn

  • His transition from six-figure corporate earner to full-time podcaster
  • How newbie podcasters can approach big name guests for their shows
  • How to get out of your comfort zone for personal growth
  • The abundance mentality and the importance of investing in yourself
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with those also committed to success

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