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033: Nikita Ross on Fitness and Creating Balance

In creating a simply designed life, as per the podcast’s name, we want to empower people to rightsize in all areas of life, meaning you do what’s right for you and your situation. Also realize that almost nothing gets done in a vacuum—it usually takes incremental steps.

If you’ve ever heard of Tony Robbins’ wheel of life exercise, he emphasizes categories to consider in the many roles we play such as family, work, personal, health, fitness, relationships, etc. In this particular episode our next guest will touch on both business and fitness and what it means to create balance in life.

Who is Nikita?

Nikita Ross is a Precision Nutrition, certified wellness coach and professional fitness writer with experience in marketing, social media management, and ghostwriting. An IPA World Champion Powerlifter and self-proclaimed bibliophile, Nikita believes that lifting both barbells and books is the key to self-improvement.

She is also the creator of Strong in Body, Strong in Mind and her articles have been published in outlets, such as Nutrition Research News, InBody USA, and The Huffington Post. She lives in Nova Scotia with her young family.

Quotes from Nikita

You need to have defined goals and you have to stick to that path, and really, it’s a challenging area, entrepreneurship which everyone in that work knows it can be a lot of extra work, you don’t just get the 9-5 necessarily with someone else directing you. You’re really taking everything under your control yourself so my biggest takeaway would be to stay the path, focus on your dream and keep pushing through those hard points. (5:41)

Google Calendar pretty much runs our lives. It’s a member of the family. If there’s a way to project it on my wall and just have a morning meeting with my children before they go to preschool, that would be fantastic! (6:58)

We all kind of laughed because we walk in and she hands us the option of 1, 2 or 3-pound dumbbells and I’m with women who can put 200-pounds over their heads, but we had to drop the weights. Like she nearly killed us in that half hour, so you never know. Don’t just shrug off someone else’s fitness routine because it doesn’t make sense to you. Everyone kind of has their journey. (10:06)


What You’ll Learn

  • How Nikita transitioned from corporate to full-time freelance writing and nutrition coaching
  • How she balances work and play—Google Calendar is key
  • Perspectives and tips for starting a weightlifting routine and barre class

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