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031: Tammy Pereira on Web and Lifestyle Design

Who is Tammy?

Tammy Pereira is a full-time web designer for over 10-years, and owns Glo Marketing and Syd and Coco. She’s an expert in topics such as: WordPress, digital marketing, web design, tech tutorials, marketing and more. She’s helped hundreds of businesses get online by teaching, consulting and mentoring. She’s grown her business, and now earn a full-time income as a web designer and marketing consultant.

Quotes from Tammy

I put myself out of the box, it’s a little nerve wrecking to get out there, but it was beneficial for me because I made so many great contacts that still give me great referrals today. (5:21)

There are so many moving parts to your business so you have to be really good at a lot of things and if you’re not really good, you have to be willing to invest in those things, what I like to call  “hire your weaknesses.”  So one thing for me, I am a creative type person and one really big weakness that held the growth of my company back was accounting and billing and I know that’s a huge one for creatives. (5:39)

I’m still learning everyday, it’s a journey, it’s not perfect. I’m always trying to learn more because as you know with marketing and online marketing it’s ever changing. So I think one thing is don’t let yourself get stagnant. Always try and educate yourself and if there’s something you don’t know, either seek out and hire help or there’s so many great online programs nowadays, you can get educated for the things you need to learn in order to make your business grow and not become stagnant. (7:46)

I think one big thing with success is that you don’t want to compare. Don’t do a comparison game because it’s, like you said, it’s a creative journey—our business we’re on a journey— and so I think, like a big thing for me with success was I set goals—and I actually set goals all the time. I could have bigger goals that I set for a longer period of time, but I have smaller goals that I set on a weekly and daily basis, and I think that you gotta measure that within yourself and your business. (10:23) 


What You’ll Learn

  • How Tammy left corporate marketing and advertising to take care of her kids, got specialized training in web design while raising them, and then branched out as a business owner once they were in school
  • The importance in continuing to invest your business growth in order to keep up with ever-changing industries like digital marketing
  • The importance of hiring a good coach to hold you accountable when taking action steps to uplevel certain areas of your business
  • How not to play the comparison game in business and learn to use your own internal yardstick for success based on your own criteria

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