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026: Britany Felix on Living Unconventionally

Who is Britany?

Britany Felix is a 30-something woman who wants to inspire you to live the life you truly want to livenot the one you’re conditioned to live. She wants to help you find your freedom! In the Spring of 2016, she and her husband quit the highest paying jobs they’d ever had, sold almost everything they owned (including their home), and began traveling the Western United States in their RV.

Britany is the host of the travel podcast, Living Unconventionally, and the owner of Custom Podcast Editing where she helps everyday people discover the power of podcasting and how to get their message out into the world. 

Living Unconventionally podcast covers her personal Freedom Journey and features weekly interviews with like-minded people—incredible people who’ve ditched their desk, or traditional life, to chase their passions and explore the world.

Quotes from Britany

I think success is being happy— whatever is going to make you happy.  If that’s a ton of money in the bank so you can feel secure, then that’s success for you. If it’s having the time freedom or location freedom to work wherever you want, or not work whenever you want, and from anywhere in the world, which is what my version of success looks like. You know it’s different for everybody but when it comes down to it, it’s just being happy with the life that you live on a daily basis. (6:15)

You know I started reading these travel blogs and started listening to podcasts and started following entrepreneurs who had businesses around this type of subject and I just consumed so much of it until I believed wholeheartedly that I could do it. If all these other could do it then, why can’t I? And so that’s always what I recommend to other people because they think everyone else can have it but they can’t and that’s not true. So you just have to keep consuming information of people doing what you want to do until it sinks in that it’s possible for you as well. (16:32)

What You’ll Learn

  • How inspiration from others living successful, unconventional lifestyles had helped spur her to quit her day job in order to travel with her husband
  • How traits like determination and persistence are necessary to achieve one’s means
  • How creating a podcast of her own has changed her life for the better
  • Ironically, she’s never read lifestyle design manifesto Four Hour Work Week

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