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025: Katie Galmiche-Hooper on Podcasting and Parenting in the City

Who is Katie GH?

Katie is a recent graduate from Northeastern Illinois University, with a degree in Secondary Education and English, and is currently a stay-at-home mom while she tries to land a teaching gig. After having her first baby in May of 2016, she started the New Parent Podcast as a way to give voice to the big, messy, and beautiful transition that happens during the first year of new parenthood. 

Quotes from Katie

One of the big goals of my podcast is to provide a space where people can reflect on and speak openly about their parenting experiences … without judgment… so that means my show isn’t pushing any particular agenda. (10:57) 

As a society we’re trying to just talk less smack I guess about each other and be a little bit more empathetic and mindful about other people have different choices for different reasons. (16:14)

I had been like up to my eyeballs in advice that wasn’t working so that’s probably part of the podcast I had created too is—nothing was working that folks had said would work… so I started to just ditch things based on what brought me joy and what didn’t—so my word that I use to keep myself centered and to keep us going forward and happy is to find what brings me joy—lean towards joy. (22:35) 


What You’ll Learn

  • The benefits of the podcasting medium for connection and conversation
  • How one manages transportation logistics in a major city with a very young child—subways, cars, walking, oh my!
  • How to connect with your blissidentify what makes you happy and do that thing (whatever that is) in order to have more opportunities for authentically rewarding experiences
  • How to find unplugged time with family to be more present and enjoy the people who matter most

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