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024: Cassie Parks on Lifestyle Design and Money Mindset

The idea of lifestyle design may seem great in theory, but how do you go about achieving your ideal life from where you are right now? A lot of it comes down to clarity, and not just in the generic sense like, I want to be more happy or I want to have more freedom—although these things are equally important.

That’s why I’m super excited to introduce you to Cassie Parks and her work on lifestyle design strategy and money mindset! She’s got some great tools to help you create and realize some of your cherished goals and dreams.

Who is Cassie?

Cassie Parks retired at age 32, and not because she won the lottery. Cassie leveraged the practical magic of positive thinking, financial education and focus on her goal of financial independence to create the opportunity to walk out of her job for the last time and begin living her dream of being a Life Coach. Although she’s more than a Life Coach. She’s a Lifestyle Design Strategist and a Money Maven.

The biggest reason she sees people not experiencing success with money is that they haven’t defined their own version of success. Lifestyle design is about figuring out what’s important to you and designing a life (including financially) that supports that vision. Without a vision (one people think they can attain), people spend aimlessly and continue to live in financial chaos.

Cassie is the best selling author of the Champagne Life Series and more recently, Manifest $10,000: Learn How to Manifest $10,000 by Using the Law of Attraction and Improving Your Money Mindset.

Quotes from Cassie

It’s not about going up to bat thinking that you can, it’s about never thinking that you can’t. The parallel to money mindset is when you really make a shift. You’re not trying to convince yourself you can have more money, you’re never thinking it’s not possible. You just go through the day different when you think that. (4:20)

I think the traits of the people that are successful is that they have the ability to get clear and they know themselves because where I see people get off is that they’re chasing someone else’s dream. (10:11)

What You’ll Learn

  • Before she became a full time life coach, she did these art of living “as if” practices. She would take a day off every so often and practice being a coach while she was still at her 9-5 job. She would practice waking up later and doing coaching calls so that she would know what that would feel like.
  • The more you step into becoming what you want more of in life, the more you see what’s possible.
  • The importance of having clarity in your own vision. It really has to come from inside and make you feel happy and fulfilled. Getting clear on the details will help you design the life that you want.
  • Focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want. For example, what are you going to do, be or have once you’re out of debt? Are you going to travel more? Focus on that because then you’re moving TOWARDS or manifesting something rather than pushing AWAY from something.

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