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019: Melissa Ricker on Mindset, Mantras and Motherhood Engineered

Leaving a cushy situation isn’t always easy, but having self-awareness, doing the soul searching and creating a logical break-down of steps in the right direction can certainly help in the process.

This week, I’m happy to introduce Melissa Ricker of Engineered Motherhood. Melissa found the constraints of her well-paying job challenging on the limited time she had with her young son—and thus she engineered a lifestyle that worked for her and her family combining tactics and strategy. Listen to this episode to hear how you can create a step-by-step process for a well-designed life that works for you.


Who is Melissa?

Melissa is a nuclear engineer by degree. She left the corporate world last year to pursue her own business. She started out freelance writing and blogging, but she found her true calling as she began coaching women through the struggles she had recently overcome as a professional working mother. She now runs a coaching business specifically for women who have big dreams but aren’t sure how to make them turn into a reality. 

Some quirky facts about Melissa: She’s got a master’s degree in nuclear engineering from Texas A&M and also lives on a ten acre farm outside of Houston, Texas, with horses, chickens, cats and dogs.

Quotes from Melissa

I really have that sense of purpose because I know I’m helping other women achieve their biggest dreams. I guess what I really love about my business is the person I’ve become through it. (4:36)

While it’s still sometimes challenging for me to put my work down I have to really set boundaries in place, make hard stops in my day, so I can really guard myself from working all night especially since I’m so passionate now about what I do. (6:30)

Your thoughts and that voice inside your head is the most powerful tool that you’ll ever have. What you tell yourself your brain believes—so you really have to watch what you say and think about yourself because you’ll just end up getting in your own way and holding yourself back. If you can get out of your own way and change how you think you really can become completely unstoppable in whatever you want to pursue. (7:19) 

What You’ll Learn

  • Why mantras are very powerful in creating a more positive mindset

  • Helpful ways to get unstuck from the proverbial rut

  • The importance of detailed planning and being clear on what action items to take everyday

  • The importance of taking action, no matter how small, to build momentum in achieving one’s goals

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