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011: Julie Zuzek and the Inner Game of Business

Do you want to know what it feels like to leap into the unknown without a safety net? Many feel quitting a day job to start a business is nothing more than a pipe dream. And it can be because it is a lot of work. But if you’re smart about it, and can tune within and out, there’s a pretty good chance you can make it into your own reality.

Simply Designed Life podcast is excited to speak with Julie Zuzek about her entrepreneurial experience and the person she had to be in the process. Listen to how this transition led to her embracement of conscious business, community and reshaping the conversation about how the inner work in entrepreneurship is just as important as the outer work. Both parts need to be integrated. Think “Whole Business” like you would “Whole Foods” (the health grocery store chain) with all the good stuff!

Who is Julie Z.?

Best known for her edgy podcast, Conscious Business with The Corporate Yogi, Julie Zuzek is a highly sought-after business coach and works with top entrepreneurs around the world. Recognizing her own entrepreneurial journey was an intense form of personal development; Julie helps entrepreneurs conquer their fear and limiting beliefs to remove the barriers in the way of success. She is living proof that your business won’t grow until YOU do!

Quotes from Julie Z.

“We do that work underneath the surface, kind of like the iceberg analogy. We have 20% of it above the water line and 80% of it is below the waterline. That’s where I spend most of the time guiding my clients to do the deep inner work to figure out what is going on.” (11:13)

When we feel fulfilled, when we feel like we’re making a difference, that’s when we’re the most happy. That’s when we can be most balanced, and that’s when we do the most good in this world. (17:09)

“Relationships are the root of all business transactions.” (19:33)

What You’ll Learn

  • After 15 years in her corporate job, Julie saw an opportunity to go into life coaching and took the leap head first with a blindfold on and never looked back. In hindsight, she realized that decision was an act of faith and her stepping up to become an entrepreneur.
  • Entrepreneurship is seen as a great escape. Many don’t realize how much work really is involved, particularly when it comes to sales. You’ll need an intrinsic motivator, passion, something to weather the storms.
  • Time management is critical and so is learning how to focus on the high impact activities instead of the small impact activities.
  • To be successful, you’ll need to have clear targets on where you want to be and check in on those regularly. While money is important, it’s not the only indicator of success if you’re not happy. You can reach $X and will want more than that, so the internal key performance indicators are also important. 

Resources and How to Connect

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