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010: Jennifer Ghymn on Writing and the Interculture Life

Let’s face it. The Internet has made it so easy to find just about anything you could ever want to learn about with a quick Google search. But what happens when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? That’s what happened with my recent guest, who was searching for Asian-American cultural information that she could identify with. As someone with a biracial background, she was unable to find exactly what she was looking for. This led her to the creation of a stunningly designed travel, lifestyle and cultural website.  

Simply Designed Life podcast welcomes Jennifer Ghymn as she talks about her digital marketing background, writing, and the inspiration behind her new blog. She also dives into her extensive travel and cultural experiences, many of which you could find throughout her lush, aspirational content. During our chat, I love her candidness about juggling a busy work and home life which many women can relate to.

While you don’t have to create a cultural specific blog (unless you really want to), my hope is you’ll find enough inspiration to take action to create whatever it is you’re looking to see in the world that you haven’t seen yet. 

Who is Jennifer G.?

Jennifer Ghymn is a writer and creator of, a lifestyle site that brings intercultural topics into everyday conversation. As an Asian (Japanese/Korean)-American, Jennifer has always lived within at least two cultures. She has lived abroad and traveled to 19 countries several times over. To discover what’s different has been her life’s credo. Being in a mixed race relationship and raising a mixed race daughter, Jennifer is fascinated by the individual filters of ethnicity, society and family that impact the way we interact and engage with the world to shape a personal cultural identity.

Quotes from Jennifer G.

“For me, you just have to do it, whatever it is that you are interested in or thinking about or passionate about. I know there’s a lot written about fears and lack of confidence and when’s the right time, but I think you just need to start.” (5:10)

“Instead of just waiting for something to come trying to find information for me to relate to, I just thought I needed to write it for myself.” (9:40)

What You’ll Learn

  • Despite a successful career in digital marketing for big city advertising agencies, she never felt that particular path was her true calling. After having her daughter, she realized how precious her time was and felt called to move forward with her writing life, using blogging as her main creative outlet.
  • How to balance work and personal life: There is no right way, but she shares what she personally does in her daily routine that works for her.
  • Her top places in the world to visit and how her blog could serve as both cultural inspiration and practical travel resource for planning a trip.

Resources and How to Connect

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