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009: Daree Allen Nieves on Personal Growth, Relationships and Seeing Progress as a Win

Have you ever felt stuck in your business or life? Do you sometimes wish you had a life coach or someone to help cheer you onto progress in your entrepreneurial or personal growth? I’m sure many women (and men) entrepreneurs have felt this way at one time or another at every stage of their business. Whether you’re just starting out, experiencing growth, or moving in a different direction entirely, there are certainly always challenges to be met.

Simply Designed Life podcast is super excited to welcome Daree Allen Nieves to the show to talk about some of these obstacles and the steps to take to overcome them. Daree’s entrepreneurial journey is one experienced by many entrepreneurs, but hearing how she’s able to use certain tools and practices for working at home, especially with the challenges of family life, is super inspiring.

In this episode, she discusses personal growth in everyday life, how to set boundaries in relationships to see success and so much more!

Who is Daree?

Daree Allen Nieves (MS, CLC) is an “authorpreneur” and goal-getter. As a speaker and certified life coach, she has presented numerous professional and personal development topics at organizational chapter meetings, workshops, conferences, schools, and universities across the country. Daree is the award-winning author of three books: What’s Wrong With Me?: A Girl’s Book of Lessons Learned, Inspiration and Advice; What’s Wrong With Me? Reflections Journal; and Ending the Blame Game: Black Single Fathers on Relationships. She is also the host of the Kickin’ it with Daree podcast, talking about the things in life that matter most.

Quotes from Daree

  • “Don’t get caught up in all these video and trainings for a long time and never put anything into place or even take the first baby steps.” (11:36)
  • You can have success all along the way. Every piece of progress is success.” (15:45)

What You’ll Learn

  • How she was encouraged to write a book a teacher / mentor. She thought no one would care because she’s not famous and doesn’t have rags-to-riches story, but learned that your story is your own and that’s what’s important.
  • How to balance the work and personal life: As entrepreneurs, you work longer and harder because you’re passionate about your business. Unfortunately, there may be distractions at home with family and social life. You have to make sacrifices for sure (TV being a BIG one). At the same time, you don’t want to miss out on family life altogether either, so making space for both family and work life is helpful, as with setting boundaries and expectations on “working hours” and “non-working hours.”
  • How to foster relationships that will help in personal growth. “You have to “on purpose” reach out to people” and do this throughout the year. As you scroll down your list on your mobile phone, if certain names pop up for a reason, call, text or reach out. Be personal and intentional in email or in whatever way you choose to connect. 

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