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006: Kathy Peterman on How to Retire and Simplify Life

Want to hear how to retire early for a life of new adventures? Listen to Kathy Peterman speak about simplifying life, traveling and other experiments in lifestyle design.


Who is Kathy?

Kathy Peterman chose to retire early and begin the adventure of finding “herself.” After working full-time for more than 33 years first as a nurse and later managing several departments in healthcare, she started writing about “the 3rd chapter” of her life and embracing the notion she was indeed, the author and creator of her own life. Soon she found herself experimenting and enjoying experiences that enriched her life. She decluttered her home in every room, closet, and drawer. She walked 500 miles through France and Spain with everything she needed in her backpack. She created goals for reducing her impact on the earth and for increasing her impact in her relationships.

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